PAX-Style Gameplay


Welcome to the information page for the PAX-STYLE of axe throwing for the classic IATF style of gameplay.

This new style of gameplay can be viewed as an addition onto the classic IATF style of play (Standard or Premiere rules) enabling one more layer of complexity for advanced players, while still retaining the ability for entry level players to have fun at their own pace.


The key feature to this style of gameplay is that players can attack their opponents up to 3x during the course of a match.

A player facing an attack will have the chance to defend from the attack or else have points detracted from their score.
This new feature opens the game up to a dynamic interplay between players .



Below you will find links to:

Rules and Regulations – These are the full set of rules for gameplay along with dimensions for the general target, new Grimace locations, and a flowchart for what happens in various scenarios.


Score Sheets – These are sheets that can be printed off so that you can score full matches. They are designed for Legal sized paper (8.5″ x 14″). We recommend that you print and laminate this sheet and mark with wet-erase markers to make them reusable.


“Board game” Version – This is designed for those that don’t have access to physical targets. Use this table top game to develop strategies in PAX-STYLE gameplay. Simply print the sheet, select your playing level, and roll 2 dice to determine where your hatchet would have landed.

Instructional Video – For the visual learner! An instructional video to help explain the rules for gameplay, how to fill out the score sheets and how attacks/defences work throughout the course of a Game. 


We really feel that this new style of gameplay has a lot to offer…but that’s for you to discover! So, try it out with friends, start a PAX-STYLE league at your venue, play around with throwing at different Grimaces, and discover strategies for beating your opponents. 


The Peterborough Axe Club Team