How it works

We have 30 people throwing on axe-throwingleague night for 8 weeks straight! That’s a lot of axe throwing, so eat your vegetables. During the 8 weeks, 7 of those will be regulation play (where you will be throwing about 4 matches on your league night).

The last week is playoff night where the 16 top scoring throwers square off in a double-elimination tournament, in which the season winner will leave victorious under a blanket of cheers from his/her fellow hatchet wielders.


Please, please, please, be at the club for 6:30pm at the latest so that we can start on time. Did I mention “Please!”?

Life is busy and maybe you can’t make it out every week. Not to worry, we can catch up on games you missed. You can check out all the details about attendance in the link below.

PtboAxe Attendance Policy


The cost for an axe-throwing season is $115 + HST.

While you don’t have to bring your own axe to the league (or events), axes can be purchased through us for $20. You can bring your own axe but it must have a wooden handle and be between 1.25-1.75 lbs. Please note, you’re probably going to break an axe at some point (because you’re an animal!) so you’ll want to get a couple.



Sorry, League Registration is closed until the beginning of March, when it will open for 2019 Season 2.

League Format


Stats and Schedules

Interested in checking your statistics and play schedules? You can now view all of this on your computer and mobile device! Just follow the instructions below:


  • Head over to
  • Click on ‘Statistics’
  • Click on ‘Leagues’
  • Select “Peterborough Axe Club” from the ‘Select Organization’ drop-down menu
  • Select your season from the ‘Select Season’ drop-down menu
  • And there YOU are!


  • Head over to
  • Click on ‘Schedules’
  • Select “Peterborough Axe Club” from the ‘Select Organization’ drow down menu
  • Select your season from the ‘Select Season’ drop-down menu
  • Select your current week from the ‘Select Week’ drop-down menu
  • Select your name from the ‘All Players’ drop-down menu
  • Now you can see who you’ll be playing and how many games you have!

The Peterborough Axe Club is proudly part of the National Axe Throwing Federation [NATF]. We share statistical information so that you can see where you stand against competitors from around the world! Explore the site and get inspired for greatness.