League Play


NEW League Registration is open!
These will be 8-week league seasons. They’re ideal if you love fun and great people! It’s also ideal if you’re a seasoned thrower and can’t get enough of the candy we’re dishing out!…you know you want it!!
We have something for all skill levels!


Monday: May 13, 2024
– Ages 9-17. All skill levels.

Tuesday GREEN: May 14, 2024
For beginners and people newer to the sport.
Tuesday RED: May 14, 2024
For league members of medium experience.
Tuesday BLACK: May 14, 2024
For pretty good to stink’n good!
Thursday GREEN: May 16, 2024
For beginners and people newer to the sport.
Thursday RED: May 16, 2024

For league members of medium experience.
Thursday BLACK: May 16, 2024
For pretty good to stink’n good!

No matter which league you pick, whether you’ll win lots or have your butt handed to you with a “thanks for a solid effort” note attached to it, our league members are awesome, welcoming, and friendly people. You’ll love it!


The cost for an Adult axe-throwing season is $146 + HST.
The cost for a Youth axe-throwing season is $122 + HST.

While you don’t have to bring your own axe to the league (or events), axes can be purchased at the counter. You can bring your own axe but it must have a wooden handle and be between 1.25-1.75 lbs. Please note, that you’re probably going to break an axe at some point (because you’re an animal!) so you’ll want to get a couple.

How It Works

We have up to 30 people throwing on each axe-throwing league for 8 weeks! That’s a lot of axe throwing, so eat your vegetables.

During the 8 weeks, 7 of those will be regulation play (where you will be throwing about 4 matches per league night). The last week is playoff night where the 16 top-scoring throwers square off in a double-elimination tournament, in which the season winner will leave victorious under a blanket of cheers from his/her fellow hatchet wielders.

Skill Levels

The skill levels for each league are described above, but players should keep in mind that people will get better and better as they play through the season. This means that if you suck, that’s ok, you’ll get better! And if you entered a league and the people around you are getting good, then congratulate them as a means of fostering community!


Please, please, please, be at the club by 6:00 pm at the latest so that we can start on time.
Did I mention “Please!”?…and “on time”?

Life is busy and maybe you can’t make it out every week. Not to worry, we can catch up on the games you missed. You can check out all the details about attendance in the link below.

Additional Notes for Youth Leagues:

  • All youth playing must have waivers signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • It is up to the parent or legal guardian to organize drop-off and pick-up at appropriate times according to the operating hours of the Peterborough Axe Club. In short, we’re not responsible for your child hanging out in the cold with the wolves and bears!
  • Close-toed shoes must be worn to play.

Age / Ability

The Peterborough Axe Club Youth Leagues are for youth 9-17 years of age. HOWEVER, we do need to make sure that youth are strong enough to throw a 1.5 lb hatchet safely. Therefore, some youths may not be permitted to join if the League Host feels that it is not safe for the youth to do so. Please come in and throw some axes before registering to make sure your youth is capable.

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