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WALK-IN NIGHTS!!…You know you want to!

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights (6-9pm) we host walk-in nights. It’s $20+tx and we’ll give you hatchets, show you how to throw and leave you to battle it out with your friends or other walk-in guests! It makes for a great date night…just say’n.

Peterborough Proud, Axehead Tough!

Peterborough Axe Club is an axe throwing club where people compete for leaderboard ranking against their friends and soon-to-be friends. It’s also a great place to host the kind of parties your boss won’t let you host in the office!

At Peterborough Axe Club we strive to create a welcoming, safe and entertaining space to practice and compete in the sport of axe throwing, and to further the growth of the sport in Peterborough!

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